At Big Digital, we take our audio production as seriously as we do our video production. Great video is nothing without outstanding audio. Whether we are producing audio for a video project or audio for an audio only project, you can count on Big Digital to give you the sound that you need...and to keep it all in pristine digital until your ears hear it.

We specialize in on-location audio recording. Use your mics and or console mix, or let us mic you. We use state of the art mic preamps and ADC to digitally record as high as 24bit 96khz digital for up to 32 tracks! We can set up a 24 digital track recording in a matter of minutes.

We can master the digital tracks in our studio, our we can give you the recorded audio files in almost any audio format for you to master. Bring your audio to us and let us master and encode it for 5.1 digital surround sound for a DVD-Video or DVD-Audio disk. At Big Digital, we can do as much or as little of your audio production as you need us to.

Click here to listen to excepts from a CD / DVD-Audio that we recorded and produced for one of our bridal clients.

Are you a student musician in need of a high quality demo CD or MP3 file to send to prospective schools as part of your application to be admitted to the school of music of your choice? If so, let Big Digital come to your location to record your demo. We have everything you will need to create a high quality recording at an affordable price. Contact us for more information.

Are you in a band or ensamble and need a demo CD or DVD made to get noticed by a record label or to send to prospective clients to obtain more gigs? Then why not contact Big Digital about having us produce your demo. Not only are we able to come to your next gig and digitally record your music, but we can also videotape live shows with 1 to 4 digital video cameras. And we can produce the high quality and attractive CD and or DVD packaging that looks as good as it sounds. From high resolution digital photography of your band in action to high quality graphics, we can produce an audio or audio / video package that will let your group stand out from the masses.

With our 24 track stand-alone Alesis adat HD24XR digital recorder and our Focusrite Octopre mic-pre units, we can easily come to your location to record your audio in pristine high-resolution digital. Or, we take your console feeds and bypass our mics and mic-pre's and record your live mix. You know your music best and maybe you want to mix it down to stereo yourself? No problem, we can provide you your raw digital recordings on CD, DVD-R, or even hard drive format for you to use with your DAW to edit and mix on your own schedule. Meanwhile, we can still produce your quality CD packaging for you.

Need more than 24 tracks? We can record more direct to hard drive. Need 24bit 96khz sampling for ultra high resolution recording? No problem. Need a DVD-Audio mastered onto a standard DVD-R disk? No problem. DVD-Audio gives you lossless 24 bit 96khz sampling over 5 channels of surround sound! DVD-Audio is the ultimate way for your listener to experience your music at its best. At Big Digital, we can do it all at an affordable price.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a demo Video of your band? Video is much more enganging to the audience and can help add more excitement for your viewer than just a CD alone can. We can even create an interactive CD with information about your group, video clips, audio only clips, and even a link to your web site for the most up to date information. Interactive CD's will play on virtually all windows based PC's and are an inexpensive way to set you ahead. Get noticed with attractive packaging, video clips and user inter-activity of our interactive CD-ROM videos.

What about a DVD-Video of one or more of your performances or songs? As trained photographers, Big Digital knows video. We can shoot in 24p, like film. We can shoot anamorphic widescreen and can shoot with many cameras for that music video feel, only with one take. And we use many of the same professional editing tools that are utilized by major motion picture studios for their films. We can create profession DVD's with full motion menus and inter-activity and attractive packaging that look like they are available at your local video retailer. Only your imagination can limit what we can do with DVD.

Please Contact us today for more information on how Big Digital can help your music grow.