VideoScout is the recruiter's preferred tool because it can answer all of their questions and aid with recruitment tasks instead of hindering them. When a coach or recruiter receives a VideoScout CD, they will view it on their computer, see the professional standards of the product, and want to view it. Since VideoScout can provide interactive links to your current statistics and game results, the scout or a recruiter can keep up to date with their potential scholarship recipient and even gives them the ability to attend future games without the hassle of searching for game times and locations.

VideoScout CDs take an athlete's successes and promotes them as if the student were on the front page of a newspaper. By utilizing the latest technology, VideoScout CDs contain high quality interactive videos that promote each athlete's unique abilities. Each VideoScout CD also contains sections that showcase game highlights. Along with game footage, VideoScout CDs include a personal message video from the athlete's current and/or past coaches. Each coach will speak about the athlete's strengths & weaknesses, personality traits, academics, and progress throughout the season. It's advice from one coach to another.

VideoScout CDs also showcase a personal message from the student athlete who is sending the video. Students can promote themselves athletically and academically in this video clip. It is one more way for your student-athlete to set themselves apart from their scholarship competition.

At Big Digital, we employ editing tactics to put your athlete in the best light while providing the college recruiter what he or she needs to to make an informed decision. A Big Digital produced VideoScout CD provides a quick tool for the recruiter that they are more likely to watch than VHS tapes or even DVD videos. And with our eye catching packaging, they are sure to want to open and watch your video. Call us at Big Digital to find out more about the benefits and proven results of the VideoScout interactive CD-rom. Big Digital is an authorized VideoScout producer for the entire Metro Atlanta area. Make the investment in your student athlete's future today!

Scout is an interactive CD college recruiting tool. Athletic scholarships are very hard to achieve. They are not just given away. An athlete must stand out in the crowd to make an impact and gain consideration from top institutions. More than ever, students are seeking out the small number of scholarships available, and VideoScout answers the call for help with interactive CDs that put students directly in front of recruiters.